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This debut collection by Lizzy in Words is a soul-searching journey told in poetry and prose. Each section is dedicated to a time of the author’s life: past, present and future.
For the past, we look back with her, exploring all the feelings and emotions of growing up. The pain and joy, lessons and hardships. Learning and growth. I was particularly drawn to the piece called Savior and the way it addressed the burdens we often place on the shoulders of those much too young to carry them. In the Present, the author takes us on her current path. I absolutely loved the imagery of Paper Hearts, both powerful and aching. She uses the most beautiful nature references in Mountains and Woodlands. Unspoken Words spoke to my heart. I love that there is an undercurrent of faith and hope running through her lines, despite the pain and troubles faced. For the future, the focus is on dreams and hopes and goals. I loved Fundamental and Legacy for the way they inspired with insightful wisdom.
A Travelling Soul is such a fantastic collection. There are pieces that absolutely tugged at my heart and those that made me smile. The author’s style of writing has a beautiful rhyme and flow. The art included is absolutely stunning! It is a wonderful pairing for her poetry. Highly recommend this book!