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chicken + lowercase = fleur is a collection of poetry unlike any other i’ve read. It’s clever and witty. Punchy and powerful. Haunting and raw and the perfect touch of gritty realness that life so often brings a writer’s way. I was impressed with the flow of the poems. The story moves from one verse to the next in a way that is not obvious, but it makes sense. Tierney uses clever word choices and vivid imagery to convey meaning. She draws you in with poems like sunflower’s remains and two little mixed up poems. But I found myself pulled back to several pieces: not that game, fumes, and getting to white.

At times, I felt like I needed a dictionary to understand things. But then, I suppose that is the beautiful thing about poetry. Beyond the nicknames and tricky-spun lines, I still felt connected to the poem.

Some poetry books are made to be devoured in one sitting. Others, like this one, require savoring. I was prepared to sit and knock this book and review out in a day. And while life has certainly interfered with my free time lately, I do not think I would have enjoyed the nuances in the book as much had I rushed through it. This book isn’t for the light-hearted, love poetry seekers. But, if you are looking for something with depth, I’d definitely recommend it.

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– ashley jane, author of all darkness and dahlias