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She is light and love,
with demons underneath
spilling forth with
words that breathe
She dances to music
that is in her head
She hides her tears
in the pillow on her bed
She tries not to lie
to you or herself
She never pretends
to be someone else
She is not the type
to hide how she feels
She believes you should
always show what’s real
She does not desire
constant validity
She knows her worth,
understands her strengths
She is not the kind
to kill with kindness,
nor will she ignore
verbal violence
She will not hide
from your destruction,
the constant need
to feed your own corruption
But she’ll be there
to lend you a hand
on those days that
you struggle to stand
She knows how to forgive
but rarely forgets
She sometimes does
things she’ll regret
She has a passion
that burns within
She’ll fight for anyone
she believes in
She never claims
to be innocent
She surely doesn’t believe
she is heaven sent
She accepts that
she is a little dark inside
It isn’t something
she tries to hide
She often reacts without
thinking it through,
but she’s the first to admit
when she’s done wrong too.
She is fierce and eager
She is joy and pain
She knows that it’s easy
to cast off the blame
But, she accepts her role,
and stands by her words
She wants to listen,
and she wants to be heard
She tries to be fair
and understanding
She knows that she
can be a little demanding
She isn’t perfect
by any means
She makes mistakes
Her hands aren’t clean
She is words that breathe
and whisper and feel
She is fear and hope
and heartfelt and real.

Breath_words© 12/20/15

*picture via Google images