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With The Wish, Eva Lenoir does more than capture the libido. She steals your heart. This book had me laughing, crying, and swooning all at once. The characters are intriguing beyond their chemistry, each making the reader think in their own ways. The sex scenes are classic Eva: delicious and naughty in the best ways.

But, what made this story different from the typical HEA is the story and concept. The idea behind the Dream List Foundation is absolutely brilliant. If something like this doesn’t exist, it should. The whole idea made me question my own dream list.

And Eva also taught me something. I was not very familiar with Huntington’s disease before this, but she made me want to research it more. Her attention to detail and accuracy was on point throughout the book, whether medical jargon or travel trivia.

I was so happy to receive an advance copy of The Wish. I absolutely recommend this book!

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– ashley jane